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QR CODE technology allows for REAL-LIFE HYPERLINKS

The QR Code can contain up to 4000 characters of information : a vCard, an email, a phone number, a location on the map, a wifi password, and a webpage URL, which is the most promising usage. Your readers can therefore instantly and easily browse your content on their phone upon scanning!
Our role is to provide you with the best expertise and tools to propagate your message throughout the mobile world.
90 000 000 smartphone users are waiting for you!

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Prepare your meetings using QR CODE technology

Invite your collaborators and partners to your events through QRSVP and get an instant answer from them!
Their responses are browsable in an online google spreadsheet. Easy, fast and virtually cost-free, QRSVP will make your life easier !

{ Brand your QR }

Customize your QR CODE by adding your logo !

You have your own QR Code, great ! But do you have your own brandmark in your QR Code ? Embedding your logo in your QR Code allows humans to identify your brand, or even guess the contents of the QR before scanning it.
People are more likely to scan your QR if its design is original, surprizing, beautiful, or if they recognize your brand.

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